The great BSG Epics community is getting together to give and receive gifts this holiday season! You can check out the moddy post here to drop off your requests and see what others want to get under their LJ tree. Requests for ficlets, prompts, icons, and meta -- as well as anything else you can think to desire -- are welcome from anyone who loves BSG.
While I endeavor to one day have the time and patience to post all of my fic here and create an LJ friendly master list, I've not yet been able to do that. So for now all of my BSG fic, including comment!fic posted for various communities and challenges, can be found on AO3.

My journal is open and I sometimes post meta and other thinky thoughts on the show here so please feel free to friend me to see those posts and chat about all things BSG fandom related.
What did I expect when I came to a fandom 11 years late? Certainly not the warm, wonderful welcome I've gotten or the multitude of opportunities to play around with awesome people, talking, writing, and creating around our favorite show and characters. I'm grateful for both and excited (ok, and a little overwhelmed) by all the things I've signed up for/am taking part in this spring:

First, the [ profile] twelvecolonies land comm is still taking applications here -- Go Team Colonial One! -- and if you do decide to come join us please mention you joined because this ever so very compelling promo post tugged on your heartstrings and you just HAD to sign up. (READ: because I get points and I'm already behind due to my complete inability to make a header without dissolving into season four Kara, holding a gun on my computer and screaming, "why won't you lighten that waaaaay?!")

Secondly, you have until March 15th to sign up for the SIXTH [ profile] bsg_remix and this time it's a duello, meaning you get to choose two or three stories you'd like to have remixed. I've never done this before and am part excited, part terrified and can't wait to get started!

Finally, there was an amazing multi-ship war over at [ profile] bsg_epics this past weekend that netted some really interesting (ok, some strange) pairings and some really funny, heartwarming, and hot new fic! You have until Sunday to VOTE for your favorites. Check out all the stories here and leave the authors some love!

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