Yesterday's community discussion question over at [ profile] bsg_epics asked folks to leave characters or pairings for you then to write: "the five most important concepts/ideas/things you always keep in mind when you write them or that you feel you need to see when you read about them. The things you feel are essential to accurately depicting those characters in fic, the way you prefer to see them."

I was prompted with Bill/Saul/Laura, Zarek, Laura, and Billy. I'd already done this question, in this exact same five things format, for Billy so I'll just leave a link to that post here. Below the cuts are some thinky thoughts about B/S/L, Zarek, and Laura.

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Today the discussion question over at [ profile] bsg_epics is:

What are your favorite relationships? These can be both romantic and non-romantic, canon or non-canon. Absolutely anything goes. What appeals to you about certain character interactions? Which do you like to read/write about the most? Who needed more screentime together?

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The discussion day meta topic over at [ profile] bsg_epics asks us to consider what things one has to keep in mind while writing a character to keep them in character. My first prompt was Billy, sweet thing, and I've taken [ profile] astreamofstars format of detailing the five things that I need when I read and write Billy.

1. Billy is mentally older than his actual age and has been for most of his life. He's incredibly awkward, from the way he dresses to how he takes up space in the world, but the fact that he doesn't let it define him negatively speaks to a confidence in his intellect and personality that's unusual for someone his age. He's far more comfortable with older people because they're more likely to recognize his brilliance whereas he lacks an innate understanding of the social cues and even cultural knowledge required to fit in comfortably with his generational cohorts. As he is more interested in, say, attending a strategy briefing with high level advisers than playing a game of Triad, this doesn't bother him much at all and he considers his ability to be the youngest in a room of powerful people an immutable, and positive, characteristic.

2. Billy has above average intelligence and his worldview is highly informed by what he learned in school rather than personal experience, which is age appropriate. He has a strong sense of justice as taught in books but is mentally flexible enough to change his opinion when confronted with real life situations, like changing his high opinion of Tom Zarek after the incident on the Astral Queen. His idealism is equally informed by intellect but, similarly, it begins to shift when he gets a front row seat to the hard decisions that have to be made at the end of the worlds. His disdain for religion is also rooted in the intense practicality of someone who prefers tangible things, like science and numbers, rather than myths and prophecies.

3. Billy is emotionally perceptive when it comes to practical matters, like how to best serve his boss and how other people's emotions and beliefs inform their political actions, but he's dense when it comes to his romantic life. He hasn't had much experience with dating and his inability to see that Dee isn't really in love with him is a product of his almost singular focus on what he would term the 'important things' like doing his job well. His connection with Laura, while intensely personal, is filed in his head as part of his job and is part of why he does it so well.

4. Billy is almost freakishly in tune with Laura Roslin which suggests he's been well mentored before her and is used to being trusted and relied upon by older people. He's incredibly respectful of her position -- he would never call her anything other than Madame President -- but he knows true respect means treating her like a human being. He jokes with her because it makes her feel normal; he pushes back on decisions he disagrees with because he knows she doesn't want him to be a 'yes man.' It pains him to watch her suffer through her illness but he knows he's better able to take care of her by treating her as fully capable at all times rather than as a fragile, sick person who needs to be protected.

5. Billy is, at this point in his life, almost entirely defined by his relationship to Roslin and he's fine with that. He appreciates her mentorship and the trust she places in him but, while ambitious, he can't yet see past making her administration the best it can be to consider what's next for him in life. However, he's developed enough and comfortable enough in himself not to lose his personality or beliefs next to a very charismatic and powerful woman. His deference to her isn't self-deprecating or born of a lack of confidence or even goddess worship but rather a sincere belief that his best contribution to what's left of humanity, right this moment, is to make sure Roslin is supported both professionally and personally.
This week's meta question over at [ profile] bsg_epics was: In what ways are your favourite characters like you, and in what ways are they different? Which of their traits are you most drawn to, and are they the ones that you most identify with?

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Answering this week's meta question posted over at [ profile] bsg_epics:

How does your headcanon for your favourite characters vary from story to story? If you multiship your character in some way, how does your headcanon change between ships?

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