As part of the ongoing talking meme some of us are doing, today I'm tackling [ profile] astreamofstars question: Talk to me about Sharon Raydor as a character. What's your take on her? What do you love about her? If you've watched her in The Closer as well as Major Crimes, how do you feel about the differences in portrayal from a feminist perspective?

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Back with the answers to two more personal, non-fandom questions, both asked by the fabulous [ profile] lanalucy.

Let's look at mentoring from a different perspective. How do you (or how do you plan to) pay it forward, so to speak, to mentor other girls/women/people in their lives and careers?

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What would you like to look back on when you're eighty and considering the impact you've had on others?

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I'm a bit late, as usual, but here are the answers to the first round of non-fandom, more personal talking meme questions. I'll try to get Part II up tomorrow and keep working on the fandom questions for later in the week.

How about talking to us about how you got involved in the work you do? (asked by [ profile] astreamofstars)

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How do you feel about girls/women/people looking up to you and holding you out as an example? (asked by [ profile] lanalucy)

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Feel free to ask me more questions here!
Copied from [ profile] plaid_slytherin and [ profile] astreamofstars.

Give me a topic and a date, and I'll ramble on. It can be anything from fandom-related (specific characters, actors, storylines, episodes, etc.) to life-related (within reason) to whatever you want.

They may be brief, or not, depending on the subject. Also, I reserve the right to decline prompts that I don't feel equipped to meet.

Like PS, I'm not gonna do the dates like ASOS is doing because that's just setting myself up for failure. ;) Ask away and I'll answer in bunches as I have time.
I’ve been writing fan fiction for a little over a year and have made some wonderful friends, discovered some writers whose work rivals anything on the commercial market, and learned a lot about writing, myself, and being part of online communities.

I swiped this meme from [ profile] scifishipper and, while I feel a bit self-indulgent post my musings on my own work here, reading their post made me think it would be a good way to evaluate my progress over the year and my evolution as a writer. The exercise was actually helpful in solidifying my goals for the next year and I’d love to read others if folks end up wanting to join in the meme fun!

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