Title: A Girl Walks Into a Ball
Rating: M
Characters: Kara Thrace, Laura Roslin
Pairing: Kara/Laura
Summary: Kara never had the luxury of believing in fairy tales. She was the type of girl who figured it best to have no expectations at all. She never, ever thought her life would change in one night, at a ball. (Written for BSG Kink prompt, Kara/Laura, after the president's annual military ball.)

“A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect.” ― Jonathan Lockwood Huie )
Title: The Game
Rating: M
Pairing: Bill/Saul/Laura
Summary: Bill and Saul explain 'The Game' they used to play when they were younger to their new lover. Any secret fantasy, no matter what. Laura wants to take a turn and PWP ensues.

The Game )
Title: Like Looking
Rating: MA
Pairing: Bill/Saul/Laura
Word Count: 2672
Summary: Laura got Earth, two husbands, her cabin and her stream. And she likes to watch her boys until she can't resist joining in the fun. Written for the general BSG Kink prompt "water."

“Were you spying on us, woman? Lurking like a snake in the grass?” )
Title: New Memories
Rating: M
Pairing: Bill/Saul/Laura
Word Count: 1405
Summary: On a hot, humid night on Earth 2.0, Laura, Saul, and Bill make some new memories under the stars. (Written for the BSG kink prompt, 'B/S/L, a hot night on Earth 2.0.)

Some old man could come along and ravish you )
Title: Efficiency
Rating: MA
Word Count: 717
Pairing: Bill/Saul/Laura
Summary: Tory's efficient. Too damn efficient for three leaders just trying to frak in peace. Written for the BSG prompt, ' Bill/Saul/Laura, getting done before Billy/Lee/Tory (someone) notices they're gone.'

Efficient woman, that Tory. )
Title: Outta Time
Rating: M
Word Count: 360
Summary: Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] madampresident's BSG kink prompt, 'Adama/Roslin, Natalia Kills' Outta Time, which might be the most depressing and A/R appropriate song I've ever heard. This painful little piece, set after the fight in Six of One, is what leaped into my head when I listened to it.

Outta Time )
Title: Tauron Touch
Rating: M
Word Count: 1539
Pairing: Laura/Lee
Summary: Laura experiences the 'Tauron Touch' for the first time. Written for the BSG kink prompt 'Laura/?, set somehow during 33.'

“I think I know just the thing to help you get some sleep, Madame President.” )
Title: Best Birthday Ever
Word Count: 1883
Rating: MA
Summary: Bill thinks his first birthday on Earth was the best ever. Laura's got plans -- and some choice items from Galen's Gift Emporium -- to make him think otherwise. (Written for the BSG kink prompt, 'A/R, this time next year.)
A/N: Galen's Gift Emporium belongs to [livejournal.com profile] fragrantwoods. Many thanks -- from me + Laura and Bill -- for creating this amazing piece of fandom for all the kinky people to play around with.

Best Birthday Ever )
Title: Ice King
Word Count: 966
Pairing: Roslin/Zarek
Rating: M
Summary: When the air conditioner goes out on Colonial One Tom Zarek has something Laura Roslin wants. (Written for the BSG kink prompt, 'Roslin/Zarek, ice.')

Ice King )
Title: Heating Up
Rating: MA
Word Count: 1313
Summary: Days after Bill, Saul, and Laura get together for the first time, Saul finds Laura hot in Bill's quarters during an air conditioning outage on Galactica. Written for the BSG kink prompt 'Saul/Laura, too hot for clothes.' (Implied B/S and B/S/L)

Heating Up )
Last weekend's kink prompt was "first or second person" drabbles. I wrote three with two different pairings -- one Roslin/Zarek, two Bill/Saul/Laura -- and, it probably goes without saying, they're all rated MA for all the smut.

Fulfilled - B/S/L )

Public Performance - Roslin/Zarek )

Emergency Meeting - B/S/L )
Title: My Turn
Rating: MA
Pairing: Adama/Roslin
Word Count: 1300
Summary: Response to a BSG Kink prompt in which the attacks never happened: "Bill/Laura, established relationship, she decides to challenge Adar when he runs for reelection."

My Turn )
Title: Separation of Powers
Rating: MA
Pairing: Adama/Roslin
Summary: Written for BSG Kink, from the prompt 'blow job.'
A/N: I hated my first ending so I changed it a bit here.

Separation of Powers )
Title: Crowning Glory
Rating: M
Pairing: Adama/Roslin
Summary: Written for the BSG Kink prompt "summer, on Earth," an AU Laura!lives in which Bill explores his love for her hair as they enjoy happpy!Earth.

Crowning Glory )
Title: A Touch Bloody Minded
Rating: MA
Pairing: Roslin/Cain
Summary: Written for the prompt "Roslin/Cain, a bit too much to drink, touch" over at [livejournal.com profile] bsg_kink

A Touch Bloody Minded )
Title: The New Administration
Rating: MA
Word Count: 2028
Summary: Two leaders of humanity smoke some NC herb and engage in a bit of presidential desk bondage play. Written as a gift for [livejournal.com profile] madampresident for the [livejournal.com profile] bsg_kink Valentine exchange and originally posted here.

The New Administration )
Title: Not Such A Sacrifice
Rating: M
Characters: Billy/Dee, Laura Roslin
Summary: Written for the swapping challenge over at [livejournal.com profile] bsg_kink. The prompt here was "Dee proposed to Billy."
A/N: I love any chance to write Laura and Billy's relationship as well as any excuse to pawn Dee. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Not Such a Sacrifice )
Title: Sine Qua Non
Rating: MA
Characters: Roslin/Cain
Summary: Written for the "swapping" challenge over at [livejournal.com profile] bsg_kink. Prompt here was "Laura is Helena's Sine Qua Non."

Sine Qua Non )
Title: The Night Before
Rating: M
Characters: Laura/Adar
Summary: Posted over at [livejournal.com profile] bsg_kink for the "swapping" weekend kink challenge. Prompt here was "Laura is the one who is married."

The Night Before )
Title: Serving the Gods
Rating: MA
Characters: Laura/Elosha
Summary: Elosha is called by the Gods to provide comfort to Pythia's prophet on Kobol.
Warnings: Could be considered DUBCON, as Laura is high out of her mind and Elosha is having a bit of a religious experience.

A/N: This bizarre little fic came courtesy of a challenge at [livejournal.com profile] bsg_kink to respond to highly unlikely pairings/scenarios with kinky, believable fic. The prompt here was "Laura/Elosha, religious devotion." I was quite rushed when I wrote the fic over at the comm and wanted to post before the weekend ended but the muse woke me up this morning and demanded I fix it to my satisfaction and post it here. I think it just got naughtier. After last week's Laura/Lee/Bill and now this, I think [livejournal.com profile] lanalucy icon on a post at kink, "I used to have shame but then I got into fandom and now I have porn," is my new life motto.

Serving the Gods )

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