Title: A Doctor & A Gentleman
Word Count: 2200
Rating: Teen
Characters: Dr. Morales, Rusty Beck, Sharon Raydor, Andy Flynn
Relationships: Hints of Shandy
Summary: Set just after Rusty comes out to the squad in 3x05. He visits the morgue to try one more time to surprise someone with his coming out. Dr. Morales finds himself thinking on the many different definitions of family. (Hints of Shandy, Raydor, Morales friendship, and Raydor's bisexual identity.)
A/N: Was inspired by the return of canon tonight to post my first Major Crimes fic. It goes back a bit and is mostly fluff bordering on crack but I also indulged my desire to tease out Raydor and Morales' friendship, Sharon's bisexual identity, and the camaraderie that might exist between queer identified folks in and associated with the LAPD.

On to the fluff )
Title: Makeup Lessons
Rating: T
Word Count: 607
Characters: Laura, Billy
Summary: Billy gets a little more than he bargained for during one of the president's lessons on women and their makeup. Written for the 2014 BSG Epics prompt war, prompt was 'beauty.'

R“Your lipsticks are called Baby's Got Lips and Modesty, Madame President?” )
Title: Domesticity
Rating: G
Word Count: 477
Characters: Laura, Billy, Lee
Summary: Written for the 2014 BSG Epics prompt war, prompt was 'bed.' Lee reacts to Laura's revelation about her cancer and Laura and Billy react to his reaction.

“You told him.” )
Title: On the Admiral's Secret Service
Rating: T
Summary: I think this may very nearly fall under crack!fic. Or at least utter ridiculousness. [livejournal.com profile] plaid_slytherin mentioned, in an entirely better context, bodyguards and it got my brain thinking of what the Admiral and president's marines must have had to endure if they really, truly were frakking as much as shippers like me write they were. And this happened. Sorry.

On the Admiral's Secret Service )
Title: Ice Queen
Rating: K+
Characters: A/R
Word Count: 350
Summary: After returning from Kobol, our two leaders get ready to address the fleet. However, Laura has some unfinished business to take care of first.

Ice Queen )
As with everything I've done in BSG fandom, I'm incredibly late to the game in discovering [livejournal.com profile] ar_drabbles but did today in a moment of conference call boredom and was inspired to take up some very old prompts. Apologies to the wonderful writers who did justice to these as many as three years ago.

Prompts, in order: dreams, recovery, bad boy Bill, clumsy Laura, things I can't do on Colonial One

Hauntings )

AM Date With An Airlock )

Viper Pilot Groupies )

Higher Up on the Ladder )

Inverted )
Title: Power Thirsty
Rating: T
Word Count: 2,123
Spoilers: None
Characters: Laura Roslin, Bill Adama
Summary: Laura ponders the extent of presidential power. Written for the prompt "power" for Month of Love 2013.

(Madame President, it is my job and that of everyone around me to anticipate your needs and fulfill them.)

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