Title: Night Vigil
Rating: K
Word Count: 570
Characters: Billy Keikeya, Bill Adama
Summary: Billy and Admiral Adama have a conversation at Laura's bedside a few hours after she was injected with Hera's blood.
A/N: Huge thanks to [livejournal.com profile] laura_mayfair for the quick, supportive beta and the title suggestion.

Sleepless I kept the night vigil. )
Title: Special Talents
Rating: G
Word Count: 389
Pairing: (implied) Adama/Roslin
Summary: Commander Adama discovers one of Laura Roslin's special talents during a routine meeting. Written for the 2014 BSG Epics prompt war, prompt was 'foot.'

“Ouch!” )
Title: Makeup Lessons
Rating: T
Word Count: 607
Characters: Laura, Billy
Summary: Billy gets a little more than he bargained for during one of the president's lessons on women and their makeup. Written for the 2014 BSG Epics prompt war, prompt was 'beauty.'

R“Your lipsticks are called Baby's Got Lips and Modesty, Madame President?” )
Title: Domesticity
Rating: G
Word Count: 477
Characters: Laura, Billy, Lee
Summary: Written for the 2014 BSG Epics prompt war, prompt was 'bed.' Lee reacts to Laura's revelation about her cancer and Laura and Billy react to his reaction.

“You told him.” )
Title: Serving the Gods
Rating: MA
Characters: Laura/Elosha
Summary: Elosha is called by the Gods to provide comfort to Pythia's prophet on Kobol.
Warnings: Could be considered DUBCON, as Laura is high out of her mind and Elosha is having a bit of a religious experience.

A/N: This bizarre little fic came courtesy of a challenge at [livejournal.com profile] bsg_kink to respond to highly unlikely pairings/scenarios with kinky, believable fic. The prompt here was "Laura/Elosha, religious devotion." I was quite rushed when I wrote the fic over at the comm and wanted to post before the weekend ended but the muse woke me up this morning and demanded I fix it to my satisfaction and post it here. I think it just got naughtier. After last week's Laura/Lee/Bill and now this, I think [livejournal.com profile] lanalucy icon on a post at kink, "I used to have shame but then I got into fandom and now I have porn," is my new life motto.

Serving the Gods )
Title: Guardian
Rating: T
Characters/Pairing: A/R
Summary: Laura is attacked on New Caprica. Guess who's on the first Raptor planetside? Too long to be a drabble, mostly dialogue, written mostly just to get it out of my head!

Guardian )

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