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Hello! Thanks so much for offering to write in one of these fandoms! To get it out of the way, I’m Singerdiva01 on AO3.

My fic tastes run the gamut from angst to fluff to political intrigue and suspense. I’m not opposed to AU but I do like the characters to retain their positions of power as it pertains to each fandom. I’m a firm believer that graphic violence, non-con/rape, and character death can have a place in stories but would prefer not to receive works in which those things are gratuitous or where rape is by any means “justified.”

I’m especially attracted to stories about intergenerational mentorships/friendships and both f/f and m/f partnerships that are based in mutual trust and respect. I love reading about women in powerful positions and how they negotiate balancing their responsibilities with their personal lives. I also enjoy fic in which women must work together to save the day but, of course, run into some trouble along the way.

Laura Roslin is by far my favorite character in any fandom and one of the biggest shortcomings of the show, in my opinion, is how little we got to see of her having female friendships onscreen. I’m especially interested in how she might have mentored Kara and what her relationship with Tory was like outside the office. (I write a lot about Laura’s relationship with Billy and would love to see an exploration of how her relationship with Tory was different.) I’m also very interested in how Laura coped with her illness and status as a prophet so anywhere she discusses this theme with another female character -- Kara, Tory, Ellen, Elosha, Ishay, etc -- would be welcome.

I’ve written and read Laura in almost every pairing and OT3 one can think of so any f/f relationship is more than welcome. I’d also enjoy reading her discussing her relationship with Bill, Bill/Saul, Zarek, Lee or any other male besides Baltar.

One of the best things about writing and reading fic in this universe is how many opportunities there are to explore adventures the characters have in the Delta quadrant and after Endgame that we didn’t see onscreen. My favorite character in this fandom is Kathryn Janeway so I prefer stories in which she plays a starring role. I don’t mind reading about her chronic depression but my favorite stories about her involve her being the genius scientist and inventive captain who’d do anything and risk anything, including her own life to get her crew home.

I’ll take any f/f pairing but I’m especially interested in stories about Kathryn mentoring the younger women on the ship. For instance, I’d love to see any and all explorations of her mentoring and/or butting heads with B’Ellana, Seven, or Kes. Her interactions with Naomi Wildman are also adorable. I’m a Janeway/Chakotay shipper so any discussions about that pairing, especially with B’Ellana, would be great. I don’t love Chakotay/Seven (shocker!) but if you choose to include it, I’d want to see Kathryn get some sort of emotional resolution without hurting Seven, no matter what that might look like. Also fun are post-Endgame stories in which Janeway is an Admiral and gets to interact with her former crew on a more equal footing.

It’s been a while since I’ve played around in this fandom but I love any and all stories involving CJ negotiate sexism in the White House and her evolving roles in the administration. I also really enjoy reading fic where the female members of the staff -- CJ, Donna, Ainsley, etc -- get to hang out with Abbey on a friend level. Amy Gardener was my inspiration for becoming a feminist organizer so, if you know that world, I’d be over the moon to see a story in which she’s navigating that space and the policies coming out of the White House.
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